The Very Best Shoppers 

The Very Best Shoppers 

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Akron-Owned Local Delivery Service

Grocery Grabbers is an easy-to-use, effortlessly customized grocery delivery service designed to enable you to patron a variety of local businesses without having to set foot in a store, stand in a line, or wait in traffic.

Faster and more intuitive than an online store, our trained shopping professionals take down your shopping list in just a few minutes over the phone. Don't have time to talk? Submit your list via email and we will respond quickly to confirm your scheduled grocery delivery. 

Your errands are in good hands...

While you are at home, in a meeting, or starting that daily commute your Grocery Grabber will be out making sure that your errands are finished with ease. Every item is hand-selected and inspected for quality, freshness and adherence to your unique preferences. When you use Grocery Grabbers on a regular basis, you will have a personal shopper who knows what belongs on your list, takes strategic advantage of sales, and understands what new products will be of interest to your shopping style.


Use the form below to submit questions regarding delivery for yourself or someone else. Please enter the delivery address so that we may confirm the availability of grocery delivery service in your area.

Service Hours:

Weekdays / 9 a.m. - 6 p.m. (EST)

See Holiday Closures.

Final order 2:30 p.m. Availability is limited. Reservations welcome.

Personal Shopper Services

Shop from any local retailer.

Delivered in as little as 2 HOURS!

No Account Setup Required!


Starting at

Mom & Dad

Get help for


Heavy Items

Fridge Rotation

Welfare Check


"Grocery Grabbers is a wonderful & unique service that saves me time and money! Grocery Grabbers is very accommodating and has even learned our family's preferences over time. The best part of Grocery Grabbers is the friendly, personalized service with a can do spirit! Whether it's looking for a specific item, adding a forgotten item at the last minute, or even a quick stop at another store, Grocery Grabbers is always happy to help out. I have been using Grocery Grabbers for 4 years and it has been a lifesaver for our busy family!" (Erin, Bath Twp.)

 "Grocery Grabbers is outstanding!  They are always on time and are a pleasure to deal with." (Vicki, Akron)

 "I love it! It is exactly what I need! This is a valued and necessary service for busy working people, but also for the home-bound and handicapped." (Marjorie, Akron)

 "Very user-friendly and helped to put my mother back in charge of her independence." (Karen, Akron)


Does Grocery Grabbers work for the grocery store?

No, Grocery Grabbers is an independently owned and operated company. We are not partnered with or hired by any retailer or restaurant, but we do cross-promote with locally owned businesses in the belief that it will benefit area residents who are looking for delivery options. 

How do I place my order?

Call and speak with our customer service representative. Simply read your list to us over the phone and we can quickly gather details to ensure your shopper grabs the correct items. In minutes, you will be checking “Grocery Shopping” off your to-do list! 1-888-774-6472.

Which stores are included in your service?

Because we are independently operated, you can shop from any store within your service area through Grocery Grabbers. Our delivery prices include up to 5 miles driving distance from your home or business, allowing you to patron many of your favorite stores and restaurants. An additional mileage fee is applied to stores beyond your 5 mile service area.

Can I place an order for someone else?

Absolutely! Our shoppers are specially trained to pick out flowers, gifts and get-well packages which we deliver to business partners and loved ones on your behalf! We are very familiar with the local selections and can help you to design and budget your gift - or grocery - delivery in minutes! Send weekly groceries to Mom and Dad, or give them the gift of free deliveries to use at their leisure. Pay online and leave the rest to Grocery Grabbers!

How big can my order be?

Our pricing is based on the size of your order and the number of stops on your shopping trip. Check out our pricing page for more details about our various service packages.


What is the cutoff time to place an order?

Orders may be placed no later than 3 p.m. for same-day delivery. Availability is limited and orders that cannot be fulfilled before close of service hours will be scheduled for the next business day.

Can I still use my Coupons?

At this time, we cannot accept coupons. However, with a little planning you can allow your Grocery Grabbers to save coupons for use on your next shopping trip. Please speak with Customer Service about your couponing concerns as we would love to help you save!

Can I still use my Store Rewards Card?

Absolutely! If you have a store rewards card connected with your current phone number, we can present that information to the cashier to apply your rewards card for discounts and fuel perks. If you do not have a store rewards card, your Grocery Grabbers will to make sure you get the best prices the stores have to offer! 


What if there is a mistake on my order? 

Grocery Grabbers takes many steps to ensure that your order is correct and handled with care. However, if a shopper error occurs, or if an item is damaged during delivery, we will resolve the issue immediately by replacing any missing, damaged or erroneous items according to our Terms of Use Policy.

For all other questions, contact Customer Service. We will be happy to help!


*All prices, services and promotions are subject to change without notice. Availability is limited. Mileage and other restrictions apply. Contact a Representative for details.

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